About Lisa

I am passionate and committed to try and make a difference to the way we train our dogs. To give either a young puppy the best possible start in life or an older dog with a problem a stress free alternative to an unwanted behaviour. There is no reason why any aged dog can't be trained by kind reward based methods.

Currently I hold accredited course certification in Think Dog Certificate Course, Think Dog Practical Course, Think Dog Training for the Future (Puppy Instructor), and Clicker Training. These courses are NOCN Certified and run by Alpha Education. I have also gained a Distinction grade with COAPE - Animal Behaviour - which will enable me to continue my studies into becoming a canine behaviourist. These ongoing studies mean I am able to offer the most upto date training methods and advise.

Currently I am studying Tellington Touch to become a Practitioner and have in 2014 achieved Practitioner in Training status. This is an amazing and very different approach into working with dogs and one I am finding rewarding with outstanding results in changing behaviours.

As well as the continued studies, I attend many workshops and seminars on things such as:

Tellington Touch

Training Problem Solving (lead pulling, chasing, anxiety, chewing)

Dog Body Language/Calming Signals (what your dog is saying & feeling)

Diet - Raw food feeding, WHY

Neutering - Health and Behaviour Effects

Health - Effect on behaviour - Arthritis, Thyroid Desease, Autism

These are all run by top professionals in their field.

Fully insured to train you and your dog.


Membership No. 001152

Lisa Tonks, MAPDT

I am a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers whose members are assessed and work to a strict code of conduct where punitive training methods are not permitted and trainers work with modern, kind, fair but effective methods.

For information on The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, please visit www.apdt.co.uk

Tellington TTouch Practitioner-in-Training

Member of The Association of INTO Dogs

Monty 2000 - 2014

"The dog who started this incredible life changing journey with me"

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Location: Ringwood, Hampshire

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